How to best use progressive slots October 14, 2018 September 20, 2018 wp_admin

Many people think the best casino jackpots are to be had at the tables. Whilst it’s true that the usual staples of Blackjack, Poker and Roulette can offer up a great payout, there are other ways that players can use casino jackpots to rake in bigger winnings.

For any real world or online casino, jackpot slots present a great opportunity. Not only are they just a more fun to drop money in the casino’s pocket (with the intention of getting it back later, cf course!) they also benefit from the fact that the player is the only person vying for the winnings. At a table, or on video poker or similar, all players are not only competing against the house; they are up against each other. Not only that, but the general consensus is that jackpot slots are inifintely more fun to play. Sit at a table against other gamers, some of whom are there for a serious game, or drop a few coins in the slots and watch the party on the sreen in front of you?

Visual appeal aside, however, the simple fact is that slots offer a better possibility of larger payouts. Blackjack, Roulette and to a lesser extent poker all offer pretty fixed odds if the player wins. Slots are pretty much an open book. The payouts increase, naturally, with larger stakes, but it’s not simply a case of ‘line them up and win’. Progressive jackpots online and in person are just that…they progress, meaning potentially larger winnings as the game goes on. Line up a few matching symbols and you might get a nice, respectable win. Get that whilst the machine is running some sort of bonus period, and you can end up in an all new, separate game where your spins win you a series of payouts. We’ve all been on a fruit machine in a pub or a low stakes slot in a casino, dropped some money in and watched the screen flash up all manner of colours, symbols and exciting messages about progressive jackpots and similar. There is actually a system behind this and the slots are running a tried and tested game, whereby your chances of winning, whilst selected at random, are totting up. Those large payouts we all see someone else enjoying are often down to progressive slots.

The same applies online, and in many respects, the fact the player is not in a physical casino can actually be of huge benefit. Sitting in front of a virtual casino’s ‘lobby’ and picking slots allows players to really learn about the machines they’re going to play on. Which slots are ‘hot’ or offer the best return for the lowest stake? What do all of those flashing symbols mean, and how do I work out how to get the most ‘bang for my buck’? Unlike a physical casino location, where the heat is on, an online casino environment allows players, both new and seasoned, to sit down, learn how the slots work, which ones are the most user friendly, and which ones pay out the most frequently against the money at stake. What’s more, this also applies to progressive slots. Players don’t have to make snap decisions. Provided there’s no countdown running, it’s possible to sit down, mull the possibilities over, and even call in help or advice from more seasoned and experienced players. In an online environment, unless told otherwise, you have all the time in the world to plan and strategise when faced with a potential progressive jackpot.

So, in summary, its easy to see how the traditional table games stil offer a great gaming experience, but relatively limited payout options in comparison to their slot based counterparts. True, the tables may be a more sociable and hair raising experience, but progressive slots are a hidden gem in any casino. Need proof? Look at the marine who, in 2003, dropped $100 in a slot machine and walked away with a staggering $39 million payout. How long would that take to accumulate from poker or Blackjack? And whilst that was a rarity, it’s indicative of how wild and out of control those slot jackpots can get. But a good starting point is to find a trused and easy low stakes casino online, play around with their progressive slots, find out what work and hone your skills accordingly. You’ll soon find that slots open up a world of playing and earning potential.