The best and fastest way to clear online poker bonuses July 19, 2017 December 13, 2017 wp_admin

If you are looking to clear your online poker bonus, you are required to play a large number of raked hands. It is possible to clear up to 100 hands per table per hour, so if you are considering playing four tables at the same time, you can easily clear up to 400 hands per hour in eight tables at the same time. Follow these simple clear poker bonus tips.

Games to use when clearing your bonus

If you are a seven stud player clearing your bonus is much easier if you are playing Texas Holdem because of the huge number of ring tables. As for an Omada8 player, there are different clearing strategies you can consider. First, you should have a tight starting hand and always multitask by having at least four tables at the same time to clear your bonus faster. Also, consider an aggressive pre-flop, and this means that you will have to re-raise or raise your hand until the cap preflop but this should be avoided if you are playing with passive players.

Players will always aim at getting as much money as possible into the pot before they can flop. In so doing, a lot of small stake players online would consider raising even with the tightest raise. This is common when they have middle or small pairs which they can use to obtain a post-flop initiative. It is not wise to go for a KK or AA each time your opponent raises. They aren’t necessarily checking up on your game play so it’s not wise assuming that they would consider re-raising without a 1%hand.


The easiest way to conveniently clear your bonuses in the shortest time possible is if you play on more than one table and the good thing is that it’s acceptable in most card rooms. Some online poker rooms can resize their tables so as to fit on your screen. If you are a new player its wise if you start out with two tables, then move on to three or four when you feel more comfortable with the game. There still are tools that can make it easier to play on more than 12 tables, but even without them, you can try clearing up to 8 tables at the maximum rate.

Take note that this type of strategy should be considered for the full ring games and it’s not advisable for use as a starting hand on 6-max tables. If you make such a mistake, then the blinds can easily consume your money especially if you are playing tightly. Players who think that they are good enough and are in a position to clear multiple six max tables without losing money then there are high chances that they are going to fail.

Selecting a limit

Players that aim for higher limits will always clear their bonuses faster. Therefore it’s always advisable to play at the highest limit possible. Take note that the highest benchmark for any poker bankroll is 300 big bets and this means that if you deposit £300, you do have a bankroll of between £1 and £2 for a Holdem game. Also, given that the starting hands can be sometimes controversial you can easily get along with a bankroll of 150 big bets, and this means you can multi-table with between £2 to £4 per game with a deposit of about £600.

If you have a starting deposit that is lower than £600, then you should consider playing in a real game. You should consider buying in for a limit that will let you have the highest number of dollars given that you only get an initial deposit once.

Selecting a table

For the sake of clearing your bonus you would want to play in a table in which the percentage of players reaching a flop is between 20 to 40 percent. If you are on a table with lower flops, then you aren’t in a position to garner enough cash to beat the blinds you will have to lose. Also, if you choose to play on a table with a higher percentage than this, then it means that you have excessive variance. A situation like this can deplete your bankroll especially if you do encounter a series of bad beats. It’s not easy to clear your bonuses, but if you take note of key areas of concerns and strategically take advantage of the different critical moves, then you should clear your bonuses with ease.